Who we are

The Villa was built between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. has managed to maintain its authentic flavour of the first (original) construction despite of its multiple architectural interventions over the years.

It was in 2014 that the Villa became the property of the entrepreneurs family Capurro engaged in a completely different activity but who had long been looking for a new stimulus in the tourism sector with particular attention to their birthplace origins. which could combine new spaces and the respect of the history of the structure.
It was precisely the encounter with the "Mediterranean" that convinced the family to face a new challenge: a demanding and delicate restructuring, which could combine the needs of new spaces and the respect of the history of the structure.
The restoration was supervised by the Superintendency for the Architectural Heritage of Liguria, as the building, rich in elements of historical and architectural value, as declared a monumental asset.

The works were home designed by the youngest of the Capurro family, Arch. Elena, involved at the forefront not only in the renovation but also in the current management of the hotel; Elena plays her role with passion, both on architecture or with hospitality and attention to detail in the Mediterranean, to share emotions with her guests and make them feel at home.

This is how we will welcome you, with a warm and hospitable smile, ready to show you a corner of our wonderful country that offers the best of Italy.